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We want Nokia to keep MeeGo

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This Twitition after the post of Interlingua_TV on the Nokia Conversations forum: "This is the most beautiful phone OS ever: Meego simply rocks! Having this phone N9 with so many features, Maps offline, Maps 3D, all the messages, SMS, social updates in one page, Carl Zeiss AF 2.2f, HD Stereo video recording, NFC, USB, 1 Ghz processor, 1 Gb RAM, 16/64 Gb storage, how can Elop say MeeGo is just a disruption and he wants to abandon this beauty for WP7 when WP7 does not sell, with all the free Xbox console, tons of advertisement and OEMs like Samsung, LG and HTC??? Elop made Nokia to jump in icy water on Feb 11, having this beauty in the pocket? 20 billions lost in market capitalization, NOK stock is lowest in 13 years, 16 billions lost in smartphone sales as a result of Elop Feb 11 speech? When he killed MeeGo and Symbian and Ovi, Nokia own kids, like a saboteur, to only embrace WP7 from his former company? How he could kill MeeGo? MeeGo looks to be the best phone OS ever!Nokia, please don't take the troll or trojan advice and this to be the single and last MeeGo device released!Nokia, you need to fight, you are under US/M$ occupation now, but make your point: MeeGo needs to survive! Qt needs to survive. They are the future, people don't want a closed platforms like iOS and WP, they want openness and liberty! They don't want Microsoft Bing advertisement everywhere on Maps, email, all the data tracked to serve advertisement. People want privacy and openness and freedom! People want open source driven by free minds, not corporations like M$ to drive and track their actions!" You agree? Sign! Share!


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#Twitition We want Nokia to keep MeeGo

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