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Okay, I'm Angel. (14 years old) I made a Twitter for Sydney Michaels, a 19 month old little girl that has Dravet Syndrome. She is my 8th grade Science Teachers' daughter. (Last year) There is no cure for Dravet Syndrome.!/pages/Sydneys-Shakers-for-Dravet/218081071537223?sk=wall Go there, and go to info (Under the picture) and read a little about it. There are only 600 cases world wide. (Youtube video about Sydney - 1 in 5 children die by the age of five from this. We're trying to show that Sydney is better then that, and she'll survive! With everyone's help, we can prove that the phrase "Never Say Never" is true. Sydney now started having a thousand seizures a day, whether they're little ones or big ones. Me, my family, and friends are all trying our best to help her survive this. Her mother, Julie Michaels, was told she was a healthy baby when she was born. Now look? A lot can happen in a little amount of time. Okay, to my point, Justin Bieber helps a lot of little children that are in need of someone or something. So, I was thinking maybe if he donated money for the Syndrome he can try to help save a live of a young child that deserves to live her life to the fullest. I think it'd be good if he'd even try to meet her, that would be amazing. I hope to get a lot of help from Belieber's + such people like that. You don't know how much I'd appreciate the help. Honestly! Well, if you have any questions about Sydney all you have to do is tweet me! I'll gladly answer them. Please sign this, the most signatures, the more of a chance I have of getting Justin Bieber noticing my Twitter, then helping with Sydney. Please. Please. Please. I beg you. ♥ Car washes; Candle Sales; Hoagie Sales; Bracelet Sales; we're doing everything we can. Love, - Angel Nicholson. (@BiebsHelpSydney)


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