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Make Hope Downs (@ladyyrauhl) @justinbieber's OLLG on stage in Orlando, FL on 8/4/10.

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Have you ever had a dream? A dream that you want to come true more then anything else? Well I believe that dreams come true. My biggest dream became a reality the day I met Justin Bieber. Ever since then, i've believed that if you want something bad enough and fight for it that it'll come to you eventually. My current dream is nothing out of the ordinary. Just like many other girls, my dream is to be Justin Bieber's "one less lonely girl" on stage on August 4th, 2010 in Orlando, FL on his "MY WORLD" Tour. You may say that I'm undeserving of such a thing because i've gotten the opportunity to meet him before. That's ok, but I believe that I'm deserving. I couldn't begin to tell you how much I support and love this boy. Talk to me for 5 minutes and you can clearly see that it's no joke. Read my tweets and you'll see that I'm diehard for this guy. I see these girls that Justin sings to on stage and I immediately get that feeling in my heart that that is where I want to be more then anything else. I would hope that you have that feeling by now after reading this that your thinking about signing this twitition and increasing my chances of Justin or his management seeing this. I realize my chances are slim to none, but I have a big heart filled with a big dream and I promise that if you would ever need help making a dream come true I'd be here to support it. So, thanks for reading this and I hope you realize how much this means to me. Every single possible signature COUNTS. If you sign this, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for possibly making me one step closer to my dream coming true.


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#Twitition Make Hope Downs (@ladyyrauhl) @justinbieber's OLLG on stage in Orlando, FL on 8/4/10.

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