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Demand that the International Tennis Hall of Fame investigate Bob Hewitt.

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In September 2011, the Orange County Register published allegations against Don Peters, who coached the record-setting 1984 US Olympic women’s gymnastics team and was inducted into the sport’s hall of fame in 1992. Peters was accused of sexually abusing girls he coached in the 1980s. Peters faced no criminal charges as the statute of limitations were expired. Yet, the gymnastics hall of fame expelled him only seven weeks after the newspaper report. A spokeswoman said the organization did not want to be seen as condoning Peters’s alleged misconduct despite his coaching achievements. In stark constrast, the International Tennis Hall of Fame remains silent about Bob Hewitt, who similarly has been accused of sexually abusing over a dozen women between the 1970s and early 1990s when he was their coach and they were underage. Hewitt, 72, has not been charged with a crime as the statute of limitations has expired in the United States on most of the allegations. However, the hall promised they were going to do an inquiry to see what they could discover. Nine months later, executive director Mark Stenning told the Boston Globe that the hall scrapped the investigation in favor of drafting a policy to address similar issues. That's not enough! We demand that the International Tennis Hall of Fame fulfill its promise and launch an investigation of Bob Hewitt. In the interim, they should remove his exhibit from their museum until an official finding has been reached.


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#Twitition Demand that the International Tennis Hall of Fame investigate Bob Hewitt.

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