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You're looking at an award-winning platform!

The masterminds behind Twitition, Branded3, have an award shelf full of prestigious gongs for creating this powerful Twitter tool.

Applauded for its innovation and ability to reach some of the famous and most influential figures in the world; Twitition has been a fantastic success from the start and it's all thanks to you lovely tweeps for using it!

Take a look below at just of the awards Twitition has won so far, and remember - you can use Twitition to petition for absolutely anything you want - with real power to reach those intended, your Twitition could change the world!

Digital Impact Awards 2011
Best Development of OwnSocial Media
DADI Awards 2011
In house website
Use of Social Media
Grand Prix
Digitally Leeds 2011
Interative Media Awards 2011
Social Networking
Somecomms 2010
GoldenTwits 2010
Best Application

What is Twitition?

Twi·ti·tion [twih-tish-uhn]

noun 1. “a formally drawn request, often bearing the names of a number of those making the request, that is addressed to a person or group of persons in authority or power, published via Twitter.”

Twitition allows Twitter users to start petitions or 'Twititions' for something which they are passionate about.

Your followers can then sign Twititions by simply by clicking on the link in your tweet and share amongst their followers.

Click here to get started and before you know it you could be changing the world!

Did you know?

Twitition was designed and developed for the fun of it by Branded3, a digital agency based in Leeds, with a bit of search engine optimisation help from Blogstorm.

The most popular Twitition is currently We Ask You #Colorado_Free_AlTurki And Return Him To His 5 Children @hickforco @BarackObama with over 149k signatures

The twitter account with most followers is
Lady Gaga with over 18 million followers.

Start a Twitition and you could literally change the world!

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