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Some of you might be aware of the fact that two beloved soap operas (All My Children and One Life to Live) have been cancelled and taken off air , in the past months. ABC is trying to appeal to a new audience by cancelling soap operas and in their place putting on shows like The Chew and The Revolution. While theses shows have a positive message, I don't feel that two beloved soap operas needed to be taken off air to make room for these shows. General Hospital is going to be the next soap opera that is going to be cancelled if we don't save it ! G.H. has been on air since 1963, April 1st this year it will bee on for 49 years.G.H. is America's oldest soap opera and the only soap opera on ABC. As of February 3rd ,2012 , G.H. has had a total of 12,491 episodes. General Hospital has been viewed by so many generations and have touched the hearts of its viewers in their home. G.H. has had such a cultural impact on its viewers. For example Luke and Laura's wedding had 30 million viewers tuned in and it remains the highest rated soap opera episode in American daytime television history. Princess Diana even had a bottle of champagne sent in time for the wedding. This soap opera means a lot to its viewers and fans. In September 2012 , Katie Couric's new show , puts General Hospital , in jeopardy of being canceled. PLEASE I ASK EVERYONE READING THIS TWITITION TO SIGN IT AND SAVE GENERAL HOSPITAL! If you or anyone else you know watches or have ever watched G.H. sign this petition for them. PLEASE SAVE G.H. AND DAYTIME TELEVISION. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR VOTE!


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