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Petition @dickc to #UnsuspendAoS

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The twitter account @AnonOpsSweden has been suspended as of the 24th of November by the twitter staff. This is not the first time we've seen this kind of censorship. We demand an explanation from the twitter staff and that the account is unsuspended immediately! The AnonOpsSweden twitter account is a highly regarded and followed news account thus there is no valid reason for a twitter suspension Reporting events that have taken place is not a crime. The account was not used for any criminal purposes. If reporting the news is a crime, then all of news media would be criminals. This is a matter of free press as well as free speech. Twitter holds the possibility for free speech, unfortunately sometimes Government and corporate interests comes before the people. Anonymous is and always has been a strong voice for free speech globally. The users of the account has received no information from twitter about the reason for suspension and has no possibility to defend against this action at the moment. The hive as a community cannot and NEVER will never be silenced. If they bring one Anonymous account down we are still going to be present and we will fight for each other. We encourage you all to sign & spread this petition. Thank You. Cached version of AoS acc


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#Twitition Petition @dickc to #UnsuspendAoS

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